Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is new at V3?

Diva Chix Bank
You're now able to stash away moolah and coins. You earn interest for leaving your money in the bank, but there are also penalties for withdrawing too often. Read all about it! You can find the DC Bank under My Account.

Now from the Diva Chix Mall, you can save items to your wishlist. People can view your wishlist by clicking the Wishlist button on your profile. You can buy items for yourself off of your wishlist, as well as buy items for others. REMEMBER: NO BEGGING!

Shopping Cart
We now have a shopping cart for the Diva Chix Mall! You can add items to your cart as you shop then try everything on at once.

CYO Wardrobe Subcategories
From your wardrobe, you can now select which category of CYO items you'd like to see. No more looking through dozens of pages!

Doll Albums
From the Coin Upgrade page, you can now buy a doll album. This album holds up to 6 pictures of your doll! You can title the doll, write a description, and even equip the saved outfit onto your doll later! Others can view your album from the View Album button on your profile. Heads up: this feature is very expensive but it's worth it!

Shopping Districts
This brings a big change to User Shops. Instead of the long huge directory of shops, we now have Shopping Districts which are based on the top 10 fashion capitals of the world!

Shop owners will be charged monthly rent and the price of the rent is based on the district your shop resides in. Everyone starts in Las Vegas district and the rent is only 5,000 and 5 coins a month.

You can upgrade to higher districts. The higher the district, the higher the rent. But the perks are also better.

Shop Perks include:
* Shop Capacity - This is the number of items you are able to stock in your shop at one time.

* Guestbook Capacity - This is the number of guestbook entries you can have in your shop at one time.

* Favorite Shop Fans - This will allow shoppers to identify you as one of their favorite shops. Your shop name will appear on all of your fans' profile page, therefore giving your shop more exposure.

* Subscriptions - This will allow you to send mass alerts to all of your fans. Great for when you're having a sale, or stocking new items!

* Shop Secretary - A shop secretary is a bot who will automatically send an alert to someone if you reserve an item for them. You will no longer have to worry about PMing your customers when their order is ready!