Saturday, October 17, 2009 news!

Now you can create your own cosmetics, tattoos and eyes!

The possibilities are endless, try it out now

Also, VIPs can now create face & skin for their shops as well, awesome huh?
And speaking of shopping, there are already a bunch of new creator items to drool over.

Check out some highlights:
Plutonian's Makeup for girls by Risa

Colorful Shadow for girls by Kez

Blue Stargazer Eyes for guys by Rae

Fantastic Red Eyes for girls by Rox

Superstar Hand Tattoo for girls by XoxSkittlesxoX

....and browse for more in the shop
A free gift!

To celebrate the launch of makeup and tattoo, we have a free Halloween gift for you all!
Guys click here, girls here

Want to chat?

Our new chat feature just got easier to get into.
Now you can see all your online friends and start chats from a panel on every page on the site.
You can also see who's online and start chats from the community page.

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