Saturday, October 24, 2009

Make your own avatar makeup!

(taken from frenzoo blog)

A world first at our new online world of 3d avatars, Frenzoo...

For a while Frenzooians have been able to play the fashion designer game and make clothes and accessories, even virtual hairstyles. That's great, but there was always some similarities in faces, some spark of uniqueness was missing... well not anymore.

Now we have taken the leap and opened up avatar face & skin creation for everyone, for free!

Makeup Creation Designer Game on Frenzoo

Makeup, tattoo and eyes created for free by Frenzoo members

This is the first web 3d makeup creation tool, how cool is that?! It's only been released for under one week, and as you can see in the pic, we've already we've seen some brilliant creations from the community.

To use it, simply log into Frenzoo and head over to the "create" section. There you can pick from different templates and then use our web creation tool to arrange graphics and create your look, and save when you're done.

Skin creation in Frenzoo online World

Makeup creation web tool on Frenzoo

VIPs can also bypass the web tool and directly import their own completed texture files, which they have created in Photoshop or GIMP for example.

Speaking of VIPs, one of our new VIPs (and IMVU creator) RisaLisa is also pretty happy about the news and blogged about it: "Face Fings For Frenzoo":

Risa Lisa makeup on Frenzoo