Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It has arrived!! :D And I think I posted most in the post below xP

There’s a ss and non-ss version! :S

- Link to the non-ss Calendar:

- Link to the ss Calendar:

It works the same as the last 2 years: You can open a window everyday. Sometimes it’s free, other times it costs a small amout of sd. You can only buy the gift for one day only! So if you don’t get it today, you won’t be able to buy it tomorrow!

Today: First gift for non-ss is a pendant, and for ss a dress (which is 2 instead of 5sd, even on the calendar)!

Link to get the items in Starplaza: CLICK HERE

(only a few items work for now :S If you know how to get more in Starplaza, let us know! :) )
From stardoll insiders

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