Sunday, March 14, 2010

Best facebook gamjes!

Top 10 January

This coming year, here are the top 10 games in Facebook based on their daily average users:

10. Farm Town – 5,481,339 daily active users

This once popular farming game is slowly moving out of the top 10. Anybody know what happened here? Poor support? Graphics not up to par with that of Farmville? Whatever it is, good riddance.

9. Restaurant City – 4,624,439 daily active users

Playfish can’t seem to sustain the popularity of its restaurant game considering that Zynga’s Cafe World has a somewhat similar gameplay. No funding for its developers to introduce new features or maybe the game’s just getting old?

8. Petville – 3,989,962 daily active userspetville

Whoa where did this game come from? Nipping at the heels of the dependable Pet Society game, Zynga created a counterpart of Playfish’s pet sim game in the form of Petville.

This was not in our radar last month but Zynga really knows how to market its games being able to place at number 8 in just a month.

7. Pet Society – 4,861,918 daily active users

Pet Society is slowly getting old and the introduction of Petville is not helping its existence.

6. Texas HoldEm Poker – 5,167,169 daily active users

5. Mafia Wars – 6,235,980 daily active usersMafia Wars

The once number 1 game is slowly moving out of the Top 5. Moscow suddenly became too easy and people who have finished Moscow has no more incentive to play the game that much.

The next expansion, Bangkok, will hopefully boost its ratings again.

4. FishVille – 6,333,874 daily active usersFishVille

The fish game for Zynga has made quite a splash this month. Just outside the top 10 last month, it has made its way into the number 5 spots after 30 days.

Happy Aquarium is in big trouble if Zynga promotes its fish game properly which I think they will.

3. Happy Aquarium – 6,741,654 daily active usersHappy Aquarium

Happy Aquarium from Crowdstar is barely keeping its head up with the advancement of the game developer giant Zynga’s FishVille. It’s still performing impressively holding on to the 3rd spot.

2. Cafe World – 9,484,384 monthly active users

Cafe World can’t close on to the number 1 game but it has a big lead from number 3, Happy Aquarium. Do consider that this game is still in beta.

1. FarmVille – 26,188,961 daily active users

FarmVilleEver since its inclusion in the top 10 last September when it debuted in the number 1 spot, Farmville just won’t let up.

So what does it take for FarmVille to move down a spot? Zynga’s doing everything right with this game compared to the “other” farm game currently at number 10.

So who’s out of the top 10? Classic game Bejeweled Blitz, that’s who. Joining it outside the top 10 is YoVille and Happy Pets.

Zynga seems to be toppling the counterparts of its games like Mob Wars, Farm Town, Restaurant City and now Pet Society. So what will it conquer next? An island game?

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