Saturday, October 16, 2010

Please, whatch this video!

I know, that this site is supposed to be about virtual games, but i really want to make people not wear the fur. A lot of you are wearing fur shoes boots, leather purses, jackets etc., but you dont even think, that someone was killed just to make you wear it. Everytime, you buy something made from fur or leather, remember it, that you support animal abusing! Acctually, they kill the animals really cruelly, i would show some videos, but there are a lot of kids that are visiting the website, those videos could shock them... But i can tell how. I will tell one way, of many others. They are making traps for animals. When the animal is trapped, he is surfering till the ''killers'' come for him and finally killing off poor animal ( they are usually just kicking them, because they are almost dead because of the traps).

P.SI know, that my english isnt great, so please, just ignore my mistakes.
P.S The thing i wanted to tell you, TO STOP WEARING FUR AND LEATHER!!! there are many other clothes, that arent containing fur and leather...!!! EVERYTIME YOU BUY SOMETGING MADE FROM LEATHER OR FUR, REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE SUPPORTING ANIMAL ABUSE AND SOMEONE WAS KILLED JUST TO MAKE YOU WEAR IT!!!!!!!!!

Here is a video, the video is animated, so it is not showing cruellty or something, please whatch it, and thank you, if you understood what i wanted to tell.


  1. Then are you saying not to hunt, to fish, to trap, to eat meat? From what you are saying you imply that all killing of animals is inhumane and abusive when it's not. I hunt, I'm a good shot, one shot one kill no pain involved. Does that make me a killer? Answer me that.

    P.S. I trap, and fish to, I keep my meat and eat it to the whole animal is used.

  2. I am not telling to not eat meat, it wouldnt change anything if i said to not eat meat, because most of visitors of this blog are kids, they cant choose to eat meat or not. Well, most of them cant. Did you read the article? I said to not wear leather and fur, because there are a lot of alternativies to it. Everyone can choose to wear it or not.

  3. They aren't saying to never eat meat. We need that food to survive. But we don't need fur scarves and leather jackets to survive. It's animal cruelty when you use it for something like fashion, better hair and more popularity, stuff you don't need, you just want, but it isn't really if you just eat it to survive.