Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5 Cool apps for phones that you probably didn't know

1. Write your own diary! - it is much more convinient and save to write a diary on your phone than on a real diary. You can be sure nobody will read it, because you can set a password. It has more options than a real one too- you can find ones where you can add stickers, write in different colors, upload photos or videos, set places that you visited.

iPhone Screenshot 2

2. Warm your hands by using your phone! This sentense tells it all. Awesome original idea, isn't it?

3. Game consoles emulators!  Nintendo 64, SuperGNES, GameBoy, GBC and GBA on your phone! Sounds cool, huh?

4. School helpers! Very useful- you wont forget your homeworks, classes, always know you grades. 

iPhone Screenshot 1

5. Guitar tuner! Save money with guitar tuner apps.

P.S Some apps may cost real money, it is depending which one you choose (e.g UM diary is free, but you will need to pay for Hello Kitty one). These apps work for android and iPhones, i am not sure if they work for windows, symbian or other phones. Enjoy!

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