Friday, July 12, 2013

Me Girl

Me Girl- fashion stunning looks, dressup glamorous models and become the stylist to the stars in the first 3D fashion game for tablets and smartphones.

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 3

Click here to download on your android device
Click here to download on your iOs device


  1. wow this is a good game I thought it was gonna be lame well I thought wrong and its fun because I get to dress up and talk with my friends on facebook and its a great kid game so everyone who keeps saying those websites aren't for kids shut up kids are way better than teens so stop bragging teens are losers so you losers out there your not better so shut up and I am ignoring anyone who says my comment is rude I don't care I already know your rude so goodbye losers and those great kids and im a kid so oohhhhh I just told you teens the truth lol

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  3. Well you have some feeling all right but i feel the same way im only 9 and all they say is i remember when i did this when i was a kid or this is for kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just make me so mad

  4. I'm with you sister I just turned 10 today and I hate teens

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