Saturday, March 6, 2010

FrenZoo.Com news!

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A Gift For You

A new starting room is now available in Frenzoo, the 3d world for chat and creation. It also available for all users, for free. Get your scene freebie now

New Version of Chat Released

A new version of chat is now in beta. What’s different? Chat is now on the site, meaning no more pop-up chat windows. You can also switch back to the site, and you chat will continue. Other features include with a new chat bar, a cleaner gesture window and displaying members' ages.

Chat Quick Tips:

-Click on your avatar to change your pose or make a gesture.
-You can move by clicking blue hotspots. Move your mouse to find them.
-You can ignore any chat invitations and also block users

As this is new, there are a few rough edges. If you have any issues or feedback, please let us know

Scarlett Niven to Guest Judge VIP Challenge

On March 8, Scarlett Niven, famous virtual fashionista will guest judge the “Mature Makeup and Fashion” VIP Challenge. The winner receives a 200 gold conis coins, and will be featured on Niven’s Blog and in the magazine.

VIP’s, there’s only a few more days to enter. Join now!

March Contest Calendar

Speaking of contests, the new March Contest Calendar is in the forums. Contests this month include a St. Patrick's Day theme, more mini-machinima, and a few Tim Burton Characters. Catch up on the latest contests


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