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What is gaia online?

Gaia Online is a 3-time award-winning, avatar-based online community for teens and young adults. Gaia has the world’s 2nd largest discussion forums covering virtually every topic under the sun. A virtual currency, called Gaia Gold, is used for earning/buying/trading items with other users in the virtual economy. Gaia also has virtual worlds to interact with other users, and fully customizable avatars and profiles where one can express them freely.

Gaia Online
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Gaia Online currently offers eleven Flash games: Fishing, Towns, Word Bump, Jigsaw, Slots, Cinemas, Cards, Rally, Pinball, and Electric Love Faktori. Users can win different items or gold. In Gaia Fishing fish on the banks of various lakes and often catch anything from different species of fish to garbage. These can be exchanged for fish-shaped hats or accessories. Accessories may be made out of recycled garbage. These items can also be sold on the marketplace or back to the fishing store.

Gaia Online


Gaia Towns (often simply called Towns) is a virtual world where avatars may move and interact with each other, collecting gold and small items along the way. Homes can be found throughout Towns and more than one user can visit another's home. Homes can be designed by items obtained from the Furniture shop, virtual items known as enchanted trunks, or the Marketplace. People's houses, trees, bugs, litter, and flowers mostly fill the towns. Users may use a virtual chat system while in the towns. The towns often host events such as snowball fights and trick-or-treating.


There are four main arenas on Gaia Online. Housing, Art, Avatar and Writing, with some of them having subcategories. Members can vote in the arenas and comment on art, avatars, houses or written works.

Gaia Online


Users can display their cars and race with other users in an Adobe Flash game called Gaia Rally. When racing, users are able to "drive" their cars on a simple track in which numerous obstacles appear.


Gaia Cinemas allows users to sit in a virtual theater, and watch anime, education shorts, TV shows, cartoons, etc. with other users. Users have the ability to throw temporary virtual items such as tomatoes, fireballs, popcorn, as well as other things during a cinema session.

Gaia Online


Members of Gaia Online receive an avatar when they sign up. Users have the ability to customize their avatar in many ways, including skin tone, eye style and color, hair style and color, gender and attire. Numerous items, accessories and items of clothing can be purchased, with Gaia Gold or Gaia Cash, and used on the avatar. Avatars appear next to posts in the forums and profile comments (the post itself encapsulated in a "speech bubble"), and in Towns and several other environments, the avatar appears as a movable character that can travel from place to place, interacting with the environment (catching bugs, shaking trees and rocks for gold, collecting trash and flowers etc.) and other users.

Gaia Online


There is a full-fledged Gaia Market. Market is divided into four parts - Shops, Trade, Marketplace, and Gaia Cash Shop.

  • Shops: There are various shops where NPCs sell different items for avatars, house, cars, etc. These shops are of all types, upmarket as well as economy. A player can buy items using Gaia Gold or Gaia Cash. Items found in the shops can also be sold back to the shop for 50% of the shop price.
  • Trade: Users can trade items and gold with other users.
  • Marketplace: Users can have up to 10 items for sale at once. The cost of this convenience is a 2% tax on all gold earned from sales, a feature implemented with the recent remake of the Marketplace.
  • Cash Shop: Also known as "La Victoire," it is the most recent addition to Gaia's economy and sells items for Gaia Cash (which itself is bought with real money). It includes high end items and special "evolving items" that change over time with the "evolving item reports". You can also purchase "Monthly Collectibles" from the Cash Shop. Items are always subject to be rotated in and out of the Gaia Cash Shop.

Gaia Online


The Gaia Quest system grants users items for performing certain tasks. Most quests on the site are for promotional purposes, granting items related to the featured movie or anime series for watching trailers.


Users can form guilds, which are clubs specially devoted to certain topics. These include hangout guilds, role playing guilds and guilds for various discussion topics. While some guilds require a payment to join, others are completely free.


Some information from gaia wiki and bbgame site


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