Monday, March 1, 2010


MilMo is an exciting 3D new action-adventure game! Make your own character just the way you like it. Join other players and explore, jump, swim, dig and collect across a wonderful island world.

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This is MilMo

- Starts in your browser window – in full 3D
- Streams to your computer in just seconds
- Epic action adventure gameplay
- Gorgeous art direction
- MilMo's got style! Check out the cool fashion.
- Super Aliveness – amazing character reactions

And that's getting started! How about this

- Unlock new Special Abilities
- Win hundreds of medals
- Over 130 quests (and that's in the beta!)
- Find tools for fighting, digging and capturing
- Use potions, runes and more!
- Explore the wondrous island world of MilMo

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Stuff to do

Dress Up Your Avatar

In MilMo, you can customize your own incredibly lifelike, animated 3D character. Show off your style with personalized clothing, hairstyles and other MilMo items.

Play The Game

MilMo features great action adventure gameplay built on running, jumping, swimming and fighting.

Discover And Explore

MilMo is a vast and ever-expanding place of awe and high adventure. Find ways to travel to all the beautiful islands, cities and planets that make up the great MilMo universe.

Go on Quests

Unique characters throughout the world of MilMo offer you exciting missions and problems to solve.

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Unlock Exciting New Abilities

Super Jump, Giga Armor and many other amazing abilities await all intrepid explorers. Mix and match your abilities to create your own play style.


Find and collect weird and wonderful items scattered throughout the huge world of MilMo. With every completed collection comes a reward!

Earn Medals

Travel, fight, collect, dig and explore! MilMo offers countless ways to earn special medals. Earn enough medals and unlock additional secrets…

Hang Out With Friends

Whether you hang out by the pool or travel to uncharted islands, shared fun means double the fun. MilMo's rich social feature set makes it easy to meet friends – new and old – online.



  1. do we have to download the games that you put up on your website?

  2. Some of them yes, some of them- no

  3. it wont let me freaking LOG IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<<<<<<<<<<<

  4. do you have any games that dont need to be downloaded and that have action and adventure in them